Dura-Touch® Coating
Dura-Touch® Coating - Service Process (v2.6.5)
If you have purchased a firearm containing the Dura-Touch® coating, you may be eligible to receive benefits from a class action settlement (the “Settlement”). The Settlement resolves litigation concerning the potential deterioration of the Dura-Touch® coating applied to certain models of firearms. The Settlement establishes a Dura-Touch® Claim Resolution Process, whereby a U.S. customer may send their Dura-Touch® coated firearm for evaluation, and, if necessary, repair or replacement, provided that the Dura-Touch® coating shows signs of deterioration.
For more information regarding the Settlement, please review the following documents:

Long Form Notice
Summary Publication Notice
Stipulation Of Settlement
Order Preliminarily Approving Settlement
Amendment To Order Preliminarily Approving Settlement
First Amended Complaint

If you would like to speak with a dedicated Dura-Touch support representative, please call 800-333-3288 and select option 1, or send an email to duratouchsupport@browning.com.. If you are located in Canada, please call (800) 746-7033 or (514) 333-7261 for assistance.

To begin the Dura-Touch Claim Resolution Process, please complete and submit the following Claim Form:

Case No. 3:17-cv-143-MPM (N.D. Miss.)


Important: We will only use the information that you provide below to communicate with you about your claim, which we will do primarily by email if you provide an email address. The information you provide will not be used for other purposes, including but not limited to marketing purposes. The information you provide will not be sold, nor will it be provided to others, except insofar as is necessary to effectuate the terms of the Settlement, or as required by applicable state or federal law.

Instructions: Please provide the requested information below. Please identify all firearms owned by you that are currently experiencing deterioration of the Dura-Touch Coating. Signs of this deterioration may include: a tacky, viscous, or sticky feel when gripping the components of a firearm coated with Dura-Touch; peeling of the Dura-Touch Coating; or 'bubbling' of the Dura-Touch Coating. Again, the Settlement only concerns firearms currently showing signs of deterioration. Any firearms submitted that do not show signs of deterioration will be returned to you. Please submit a separate Claim Form for each affected firearm.

PLEASE RETURN THE ENTIRE FIREARM including magazines, magazine caps, etc. Do not return individual parts or components only. All aftermarket accessories, such as choke tubes, slings, scopes, aftermarket sights, etc need to be removed. Also do not send gun cases. We will not be responsible for damaged or lost accessories.

Return address must be a full street address and house/appt number, NOT A PO BOX! Firearms cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

Once we have received this Claim Form, we will contact you via your email address with instructions as to how to send your firearms in for evaluation. If you are unable to submit this Claim Form online, please call 800-333-3288 and select option 1, and a Dura-Touch support representative will assist you with the submission of a Claim Form.

Customer/Firearm Info
Firearm Serial #:
First Name:
Last Name:
Return Address: (Full street address, NO PO BOX!)
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Please describe the issue you are
experiencing with your firearm's
Dura-Touch coating (2000 chars max)

Please email me a prepaid/insured shipping label:

I certify and declare under penalty of perjury that the information I am providing in this claim form is true and correct. I have read the Long Form Notice and Order Preliminarily Approving Settlement, and agree to the terms contained in them. I understand that failure to provide the necessary information requested above, or requested by the Settlement Administrator, may result in my claim being denied.

Check this box to agree with and acknowledge the terms herein.

Check this box to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following: (1) RETURN THE ENTIRE FIREARM including magazines, magazine caps, etc.; and NOT just individual parts or components only. (2) Remove all aftermarket accessories such as choke tubes, slings, scopes, aftermarket sights, etc. (3) Do not send a gun case. (4) Browning is not responsible for any lost or damaged accessories. (5) !!! CAUTION !!! Make absolutely sure the firearm is completely unloaded prior to packaging. (6) Any firearms received by Browning with Ammunition will be charged with an Ammunition disposal and handling fee!

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